Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 5

I left my cousin's home right around 9 am but not before being treated to a bowl of fruit yogurt and granola. The kids were still asleep so I left my goodbyes with their mum and dad.

About an hour into the ride I decided to stop at a little rest area to stretch.  You have to do that on a bike or you can develop some interesting sensations that are not so pleasant.  I climbed to the top of a little hill and saw this marker.  Across the way was the peak of it's subject.

I was going to make my first stop in Brownwood, TX but when going through Zephyre I saw a little corner gift shop on the right that was intriguing so I stopped.  I saw this piece of pallet art and I snapped the photo of it thinking I may have to duplicate it for my studio.

The lady at the shop told me a little bit of the history of the building.  Part of the history included it being a hamburger shop where kids use to hang out at.  I mentioned that I could almost smell the hamburgers cooking and the lady said that without exaggeration the best burgers in the world were made and served down the road at the Diamond R Cafe.  How can you resist investigating a claim like that?  I had to circle back about a block but it was worth it.  She was absolutely right.  I ordered a cheeseburger, 1/3 lb. with a side of seasoned curly fries and in unsweetened iced tea.  The waitress asked me if I would like the burger with A sourdough jalapeƱo bun..."YES, PLEASE!"  It was a little earlier than I had planned for my lunch...but then again it's never too early for the "best burger in the world!"

Growing up I always loved watching the television show Bonanza.  One of the best characters on the program was without a doubt Hoss.  He was a true gentle giant.  While not originally from O'Donnel, TX, he and his family lived there for a while and the town claims the actor who played Hoss, Dan Blocker, graduated from their school.  I pulled into O'Donnell looking for a memorial to him that I had read about.  It's a very small town, population 831. I didn't find the memorial right off but after driving down several side streets I saw it in the middle of a corner park.  Around the corner was a storefront that I understand was operated by the family.  I spent a few minutes there thinking what a better world this would be if more men were like Hoss.

I think Hoss would agree with the sign I saw just around  the corner of his bust in the park.

The local museum was right across the street.  I was disappointed that it was closed.

Back on the bike and off to Brownfield.  I didn't have any hotel reservation but was able to get accommodations at the Holiday Inn.  I checked in and they gave me a room on the second floor.  They then told me the elevator was out of service.  Well,  my back is aching a bit and I didn't want to carry my big bag up the stairs.  They said a technician would have the elevator fixed in about an hour.  I asked if I could leave it in the office until then and they said sure...I was in no hurry.  I put the bag in their office then went on out to get my smaller bag and my tank bag, locked the bike and headed to room 217.  I opened my door and was surprised to see the big bag setting on the that's customer service!

I'm staying in Albuquerque tomorrow night so I called ahead and made reservations at the Best Western.  I spent a few extra bucks and got a jacuzzis room.  Today I covered over 366 miles. Tomorrow I have about 361 miles go before I reach my destination. 

I should have done this 20 years ago. 

Well, that is about it for the day!


  1. How are you holding up after over 300 miles in a day? I know your not used to it. Wish I was with you, I'm needing a long trip ride.

    1. I'm actually doing good. I'm getting fuel and stretching every 80 to 130 miles. My dad suggested a back brace. I picked one up and it really helps.