Monday, July 31, 2017


Finding myself in a new stage of life that pretty much makes me answerable to myself more so than in the past, and just about a month shy of my 47th birthday,  It's time to do a few things for myself.  This ride is the primary event to kick that off.


 Years ago I was getting ready to go to the radio station to do my weekly show.  It was live back then and only broadcast locally, not syndicated like today.  Someone said to me, "Are you going down to the radio station to do that stupid little radio show of yours?"  This hurt.  It hurt bad and I had lost all motivation to grab the mic and ham it up with jokes, stories, songs, and guests.  I went down to the station anyway and began preparation for the broadcast.  When I arrived the station manager told me that he had a number of emails over the week from listeners who said they really enjoyed the show.  He showed me them.  That changed my attitude.  THIS is why I do what I do.  Not everybody will like what you do and that's ok.

Now, that being said, there is only one person who really has to approve of your hobbies, your interest, your pursuits, and activities.  That's you.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for your own enjoyment.

I recently heard my dad use the phrase, "I Do What I Want."  He saw it on a t-shirt at a McDonald's and thought it was hilarious.  It is.  It is also a mindset.  Don't let other people dictate your ability to be happy.

Earlier this year I was at a motorcycle rally.  I bought a new vest, a few pins and a few patches.  As I was rotating a display stand of various patches i saw one..."I DO WHAT I WANT"  That patch is now sewn onto my vest.  It's a reminder to myself that I am responsible for the things that bring me my own happiness and sense of contentment.  I am responsible.  No one else.  I am the boss.  Last week I was cruising a website that had various items for sale including belt buckles.  I collect them.  I came across one that said, "I'M THE BOSS!"  Of course I had to have it.  It came in the mail a few days later.  I'm proud to say this belt buckle will be joining the ride!

Now, with this attitude and outlook, I am not saying that I am not responsible and accountable to God and the laws of our land.  It's just that some people are miserable because they choose to be.  Not me.  I do what I want because I'm the boss (And that gives me at least a little sense of happiness)!

Ride safe and enjoy the hot dogs!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


My name is Jason Curtman.  I am a recruiter for a fortune 500 company and 
a syndicated radio show host.

I just recently purchased a 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 - site unseen.  My brother picked up the bike in southeast Missouri and transported it to his house in the St. Louis area.  This was about 2 months ago.  I am taking August 5 through August 15th off work.  I am flying to St. Louis on Saturday the 5th.  I will be spending a little time with my family and the bike and getting familiar with it.  I am an experienced rider, somewhat.  For the last 5 years I have ridden a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard.  Always around town or even the next town or two over.  Some of that riding has been in the mountains of southern New Mexico (I live in Alamogordo, NM). 


That's my son, in the parking lot of Lambert's in Sikeston, MO.

So here is the plan:

Day one I will ride around 250-300 miles from Pacific, Mo down HWY 44 and find a decent hotel to stay in.  Maybe somewhere between Springfield and Joplin.

Day two I will ride to Broken Arrow, OK. and spend a little time with my niece, her husband and my new great nephew.  After an hour or two there I am going to Midwest City and spending the night there.

Total miles so far: apx 505

Day three  will be a very short day.  Just a few hours to Paris, TX for some rest and relaxation.  I want to get a few photos there.  The Eiffel tower is there, you know.  The one with the cowboy hat on top of it.

Day four I will be traveling to Killeen, TX. I will be  some family I grew up with and other family I have not met before.

Day five I will be going to Brownfield, TX.  There is a Dan Blocker memorial on the way and also a replica of the Tomb of Christ I will see on the way out of town the next morning.

Day six I will be going to Albuquerque.  I haven't been there for any length of time since I was a kid.  I'm going to spend the night and go to church the next morning.

Day seven will lead me home.  After church it's back to Alamogordo.

Now, if I were to ride directly from Pacific, MO to Alamogordo I could do it in less than two days and it would be 1,070 miles.  Never being the one to do things easy (do you hear the sarcastic laughter coming from those who know me?),  this trip will take me over 1,924 Miles.

I have been anxiously awaiting this trip!

Special Thanks to Jim Sweet of Sweet Cycles in Valley Park, MO for making sure the bike is road ready and safe!   Jim also installed a USB charging port on the handlebars for me as well. 

Also thanks to my friend Roger for the use of his really cool Nelson Rigg bag for the trip.  I may have to get one of these soon.

I plan on taking two helmets for the trip.  A full face helmet.  I plan to purchase this from Cycle Gear in St. Louis when I fly in.  The other is a very cool patriotic half helmet for a few of the back roads.

I've purchased and acquired a few items for the trip as well.  A 2.5 liter fuel tank, should I run out of fuel it should get me about 26 extra miles.  I also have a very reliable GPS unit.  I did not want to rely on my cell phone, should I be unable to get data service and fail to get my maps loaded.  I purchased   a hydration pack, new boots, cooling shirts, Nike sleeves, and some riding gloves.   I also have some canvas saddle bags and a sports camera I hope to mount to the bike.  Oh, yes,  I also purchased a nice little mp3 player.

I am so ready to go.  I have never done anything like this in my life and I am ready for the adventure.

Also, thanks to Eric of for some great videos and some personal advice!

I plan on updating this blog along the way!